21 June, 2008

From Fluxus to Media Art

From Fluxus to Media Art
Maya Stendhal Gallery
March 6 - May 24, 2008
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 6, 6-8pm

Maya Stendhal Gallery is pleased to present From Fluxus to Media Art, a special selection of artists working in a range of media including film, video, sculpture, conceptual performance, and digital technologies. On view will be work by Jonas Mekas, George Maciunas, Fluxus, George Brecht, Andy Warhol, Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota, and Studio IMC.

The exhibition offers a wider view of the history of media art, exploring many of its defining attributes in the pioneering practices of artists during the 1960’s. This time observed a radical shift when artists, strongly influenced by the anti-art practices and objects of Marcel Duchamp and Dada and theories of Surrealism, challenged established modes of value and interpretation. Critical artworks and films in combination with rare and original archival material shed new light on the interrelated, avant-garde activities of various artists whose sensibilities to new technologies of their time and multi-media foundations expanded the scope of artistic practice for later artists. Highlights include the international Fluxus art movement of the 1960’s comprised of artists who, through shared interdisciplinary interests, collectively explored the creative possibilities that occur between genres including art, performance, literature, non-narrative film, and music. Also featured will be Fluxus contemporaries Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol whose unconventional approaches to filmmaking helped established film as an art form.

As early as the 1950’s, leading avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas was experimenting with new technologies, developing his signature diaristic approach and in-camera style of editing. Nearly 60 years later, he continues to be at the helm of digital innovation with his website www.jonasmekas.com. The website witnessed Mekas’ relentless commitment to the art of film through his ambitious 365 film project. Drawing from old and recent footage, he released one film each day throughout 2007. For the exhibition, Mekas personally selected films from this collection capturing the creative impulses and interdisciplinary interests of key Fluxus members with appearances by its charismatic Chairman and Impresario George Maciunas, Shigeko Kubota, Nam June Paik, Ben Vautier, as well as Andy Warhol.

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James Kalm drops in for a viewing of artifacts and documents that cover nearly a half century of developments that began with the meeting of Jonas Mekas and George Maciunas in 1955. Evolving from the anti-aesthetics of Dada and Marcel Duchamp, Fluxus came of age during a period that encompassed radical technological and social change. Features works by Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, George Maciunas, George Brecht, Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota and Studio IMC with an in-depth interview with Jonas Mekas



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