23 June, 2008

Print Australia

The Print Australia website was founded in October 1999. In the eight years of its operation the ISP has changed hands four times. Unfortunately, the most recent changeover has not been smooth and the service provider appears to be in the process of folding.
For more info see Blitz on Whilrpool:

What this means for Print Australia is that the original website is no longer online, and the contact emails are expected to go down at any time.

Steps are being taken to source a new service provider. In the interim, you are invited to access the site in its archived format on the Internet Archive site.

All other Aviary sites (Bellebyrd, Blakkbyrd and Lyrebyrd) remain operational.

There are extensive links between the various sites which will be out of order. We apologise for the inconvenience and request your patience.

Print Australia Websites

Print Australia - Original site (unavailable)

New Location on Internet Archive

with apologies

"normal service will be resumed as soon as possible"


A replacement site is currently under construction.

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