05 June, 2008

Museum in Progress

museum in progress is concerned with the changing ways in which art is brought before the public and has developed innovative models for co-operation between business, art and media.

The art association, founded in 1990, organises exhibitions in media such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, the the facades of buildings, TV andthe internet and thereby integrates art into everyday life.

The museum of the 21st century exists as a flexible structure and establishes the form in which it appears directly in media space. Through co-operation with media organisations such as DER STANDARD (Austrian newspaper), gewista (a billboard advertising company) and ORF Kultur (cultural department of Austrian national TV and radio) museum in progress presents art projects in print media, on billboards and the facades of buildings and appears extremely frequently in public space.


museum in progress projects take place almost exclusively in media space such as daily newspapers, weekly magazines, on billboards, on the facades of buildings, on television, on the internet or on information projection screens. In addition, the museum in progress label also transforms other space in the public sphere into museum space, such as the safety curtain of the Vienna State Opera House or the in-flight magazine of Austrian Airlines.

What all projects have in common is the media-specific conception and production of the artistic works which appear for a short time in various media.



Since 1990 museum in progress has worked with international artists from the field of the fine arts as well as related fields such as film, literature and graphic design.

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Portraits of Artists on Video

museum in progress has been organising the series "Portraits of Artists" since 1992 - conversations with international artists who are exhibiting and/or taking part in a symposium in Vienna. The conversation, with a partner chosen by the artist, is recorded on video (10 - 30 minutes) and then broadcast in television programmes or shown in museums and galleries. The original idea is from Peter Kogler and museum in progress.


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