03 June, 2008

New Prints - NY

Alysia Kaplan: Silkscreen on ultrachrome inkjet. Edition of 3

International Print Center New York
presents NEW PRINTS: Spring 2008 in its gallery at 526 West 26th Street, Room 824, in Chelsea.


On view from May 1 until June 7, 2008, the show consists of forty-three works by forty-one emerging to established artists, selected from a pool of approximately 1,500 submissions.

NEW PRINTS: Spring 2008 is the twenty-seventh presentation of IPCNY’s New Prints Program, a series of juried exhibitions highlighting contemporary prints made within the past year by artists at all stages of their careers.
The exhibition represents a cross-section of some of the most exceptional printmaking today, continuing IPCNY’s commitment to provide an ongoing exhibition venue for contemporary prints and a major source of information about artists working in the medium.

Matthew DiClemente: Patriot Nuclear Submarine 1/8 scale wooden model kit, 2007
Laser cut balsa wood, serigraph package. Edition of 20

The complete artists’ list for NEW PRINTS: Spring 2008 is as follows: ADÁL, Romeo Alaeff, Rosaire Appel, Matthew Benedict, Laura Berman, Brad Brown, Lisa Bulawsky, Suzanne Caporael, Maria de la Providencia Casanovas, Teresa Cole, Damian Cote, Hope Dector, Lesley Dill, Tomory Dodge, Cecilia Enberg, Joe Fig, Frank Gehry, Torrie Groening, Denise Hawrysio, Arturo Herrera, Nathaniel Hester, Jim Hodges, Mel Kendrick, Mark Klett, Joyce Kozloff, Karen Kunc, Nichole Maury, Julie Mehretu, Jacques Moiroud, Jiha Moon, John O’Donnell, Paul Henry Ramirez, Elaine Reichek, Jenny Robinson, Ruth Root, Susan Rowland, Ed Ruscha, Patricia Spergel, Hester Stinnett, Randy Wray, and Melinda Yale.

Elaine Reichek:Collections for Collectors: Spring 2007.
Digitized embroidery on linen. Edition: 13 (series of 17)

A variation of NEW PRINTS: Spring 2008, selected by Ms. Hammond, will be presented uptown at the New York School of Interior Design from June 17 – July 24, 2008.

... Taken together, the two presentations of NEW PRINTS: Spring 2008 include
the work of seventy-five artists from across the country, thirty-six of whom work independently. Other countries represented include Canada, England, and Sweden.

view prints (note that there are TWO exhibition sets)

Willie Cole: Por la Mesa de Mi Abuelita, 2007
Pigmented cotton linter and polyester yarn with embossing.


It would be impossible for any one exhibition to survey an international crossection of "the most exceptional printmaking today", even a virtual one. It would, however, be interesting to take a survey of who these artist/printmakers might be.

Who would you include, and why? Please comment.

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