07 April, 2008

Site News

On the 30th October 2007 Bellebyrd passed the 100,000 mark. This was visits to the front page from its beginnings in June 2005 to October 2007, a period of 28 months.

Its now about to click over to 150,000, which is 50,000 hits in just 5 months. We are currently experiencing 5 or 6 hundred hits a day, or around 3 thousand a week.

Thankyou for your continuing support.

Blakkbyrd on FLICKR

There are two new BLAKKBYRD websites on FLICKR

This site is the PROFILE/CV site for Blakkbyrd.

"Contemporary art especially urban culture. Graphic media, printmaking, screenprinting, stencils. This is about contemporary art and the potentials of internet curating. Its also about curatorial independence, of art anarchy, of exhibiting outside the 'academy'. This is a forum about art."
This site is the new BLAKKBYRD GROUP on FLICKR


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