24 April, 2008

Blood on Paper: The Art of the Book

The single greatest frustration about this show is that almost all these open books are in vitrines, and you can see only one spread. Most of what each artist has done, all that colourful invention, is lost to you, behind closed pages. Luckily, Watson gives me a way out. “Well, a good half of the artists' books displayed in this show are owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum. And if you go up to the library you can ask to see them.”

Blood on Paper: The Art of the Book is at the V&A Museum, London SW7 (020-7942 2000; www.vam.ac.uk), from today

Times Article

"Another interesting book-thingy in this section is by Francis Bacon. We see the contents of an old suitcase, full of stuff that would have been kicking around his studio - photos, sketches, smeary rags, etc. The piece is called Detritus. These are not the real things though. They are exact reproductions."

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