07 April, 2008

Henrik Boegh

Henrik Boegh is a well known author and artist in the printmaking world. Since he established The Printmakers’ Experimentarium in Copenhagen in 1997 he has been working hard to spread the techniques of Non-Toxic Intaglio all over Europe. More than 800 printmakers from all over the world have been participating in his workshops all over Europe throughout the years since 97.

His book “Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio” has been published in Danish, English, Spanish, Flemish, Dutchand French language. The book has been visualized in the video and DVD programme “Non-Toxic Intaglio Step by Step.” From the very beginning Henrik has been testing and evaluating the non-toxic printmaking methods and materials. The results of his investigations in photopolymer materials and acrylic etching grounds has been published currently through his free electronic newsletters to more than 1500 printmakers around the world

A crucial objective for Henrik has always been to stay clear of affiliation with particular manufacturers or products. His Printmakers’ Experimentarium remains completely independent of financial or other kinds of stakes potentially held by the industry. In order to realize this project he has only received financial support from The Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs as well as The Danish Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

Henrik is a well known artist in Scandinavia. As artist he is known from his delicate photogravures with motifs from his many journeys to the old Buddhist Cultural Centers in Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as well as his affiliation to the Islamic arquitecture in the Middle East Countries, Marocco and Southern Spain. He works partly in his studio in Copenhagen and partly in his studio in Andalusia, Spain. He is member of “The Society of Fine Arts, Denmark” and “The Danish Printmakers Society”

will be published on January 1st 2008



Press coverage of the first edition:
"The streamlining of the information makes is an excellent teaching tool."
Contemporary Impressions/American Print Alliance

"The writing is admirably simple, direct and easy to follow. I can recommend this manual - I found it more approachable than others on the same subject"
Printmaking Today

"Overall the book offers solid information with a straightforward presentation into the realm of acrylic and polymer intaglio printmaking"
Graphic Impressions /Southern Graphics Council

"The book is well developed, with logical and thoughtful presentations of methods, and with excellent illustrations"
Inprint / Maryland Printmakers

"The information is etremely clear and well organized...- This make Henrik's work and excellent teaching tool."
Mid American Print Council Journal

"Add this one to your list of handbooks for non-toxic pm"
Imprint / Print Council of Australia



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