07 April, 2007

Audiotour Podcast - How I entered there I cannot truly say

State Library of Victoria

Get more out of your visit to How I entered there I cannot truly say: Collaborative works from the ANU Edition + Artist Book Studio by listening to our audio tour. Narrated by exhibition curator Dianne Fogwell, the tour brings the beauty of artist books to life.

Audiotour Podcast

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Listen to Part 1 mp3 1.6MB 03:54

A welcome to the exhibition 'How I entered there I cannot truly say' and introduction to the ANU Edition + Artist Book Studio.

Listen to Part 2 mp3 1.7MB 04:03

A discussion of a selection of framed works by Andrew Powell and folio work by Jan Brown that includes the poem 'Raven' by Ian Templeman.

Listen to Part 3 mp3 7.5MB 18:39

An overview of the 'Twelve' folio, a series of sketches, objects and reflections in print by senior lecturers of the Australian National University.

Listen to Part 4 mp3 3.6MB 08:51

An explanation of a collection of works from the 'Resonance' series by curator Dianne Fogwell with an accompanying creative musical response by musician Ian Blake.

Listen to Part 5 mp3 1.7MB 04:01

Insights into folio works by Gaye Paterson and Lukas Kandl and 'The Alignment' (volumes one and two), featuring poems by Chris Wallace-Crab and images etched, embossed and silkscreen-printed by Bruno Leti.

Listen to Part 6 mp3 423KB 01:01

A discussion of a selection of linocuts from the 'Images in Relief' folio series that includes works by GW Bot and Ing King.

Listen to Part 7 mp3 1.7MB 03:59

Information about the etchings from Fiona Foley, Katharine Campbell and Helen Geier, which include examples of letterpress.

Listen to Part 8 mp3 1.1MB 02:44

Comments about limited edition prints by Bernard Hardy and a collaborative work by Jan Brown and Ian Templeman.

Listen to Part 9 mp3 947KB 02:18

Expert comment on Sir Sidney Nolan’s 'Evolutionary History of Edward Kelly in Primary Colours' and a Japanese bound book by Andrew Powell.

Listen to Part 10 mp3 665KB 01:37

Analysis of a Robin Wallace-Crabb collaborative work produced with Dianne Fogwell, Ingeborg Hansen, Peter Finlay, Bernadette Crockford and Phillip Day.

Listen to Part 11 mp3 800KB 01:56

An introduction to 'The Garden', by Katherine Nix, one of Australia’s finest paper makers. The work includes the tale 'Three Roses' by Garth Nix.

Listen to Part 12 mp3 770KB 01:52

An explanation of the exhibition's title, 'How I entered there I cannot truly say', from Dante’s 'Divine Comedy'. It is a tribute to the first book published by E+ABS, Udo Sellbach’s 'And Still I See It' (1995), which used Dante’s text.

Listen to Part 13 mp3 2.8MB 06:44

An in-depth discussion of work commissioned by Berkeley Editions and produced by Margaret Olley in collaboration with Dianne Fogwell, Elspeth Pelling, Katherine Campbell, Gaye Paterson, Basema Mahadi, Mark Kobal and Erin Field.

Listen to Part 14 mp3 580KB 01:24

Insights into silkscreen prints by Indigenous artists Lena Kuriniya and Helen Lanyinwanga.

Listen to Part 15 mp3 1.3MB 03:05

A personal account by exhibition curator Dianne Fogwell of her own etchings from the 'After Jack Unhook the Moon Series' and of her collaboration with artist Jason Benjamin.

Listen to Part 16 mp3 971KB 02:21

A review of Elspeth Pelling's haunting works, which sit alongside Dianne Fogwell’s linocut 'Serendipity', created especially for the exhibition period at the State Library of Victoria.

Listen to Part 17 mp3 1.2MB 02:51

A review of the art practice of letterpress as expressed by Caren Florance, and a print by Annette Iggulden; the final work produced at the Edition + Artist Book Studio before Dianne Fogwell, Lecturer-in-Charge, retired.

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