20 April, 2007

Bring Utzon back

The posters were devised, printed and distributed by a group of architects and interior designers working in the Government Architects office, Sydney, early 1967, as part of the movement to have Jorn Utzon returned as architect of the Sydney Opera House following his 'forced' resignation in February 1966. The donors were both architects in the GA's office at the time and assisted with poster printing and distribution.

The posters were printed from [silk screens) designed and made by John Kinstler, an architect in the Government Architects office, and Karen Herrle, an interior designer also with the Government Architect. The posters were printed at Kinstler's home in Paddington or at Bill Turner's home in Balmain by a group of architects including Kinstler, Turner as well as May Watson and Ted Mack. The font style of the central letters was based on printing blocks salavaged from the Government Printing Office when it closed down.


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