27 July, 2006

Us Mob - Alice Springs

Presented by series creator and director David Vadiveloo. UsMob is Australia's first children's indigenous television series and is based on the adventures of kids from the Alice Springs town camp Hidden Valley. UsMob is also the world's first children's indigenous interactive website. http://www.usmob.com.au/.

This is Us Mob, a 7-part 'choose your own adventure' series set in the central desert of Australia!

We all live at Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley is one of the Town Camps of Alice Springs.

With Us Mob, you can follow central Australian Aboriginal teenagers Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita as they head off on journeys full of fun, excitement and crisis.

You can also interact with the world of Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita by choosing the story endings, playing games, activating video and text diaries, forums and uploading your own stories.

We really want you to be a part of our community at Us Mob. So come on, get a permit and get the first episode now!

When you join UsMob, we'll take you on a 7 week adventure. That means you can watch a new film and explore new things online every week.

We'll even email you when our new film is ready just in case you forget to come back.

Click here to launch the Us Mob website.

Everyone who wants to play with us on the Us Mob website needs a permit. It's the same as if you came to Alice Springs and wanted to visit me and my family, you'd have to get a permit to come onto the Town Camp. Once you have a permit you can visit us at any time to chat, play games, learn about Aboriginal life and share stories.

We love going out bush and we really want to show you what it's like in Central Australia. We'll email you whenever we add a new story to the website. We really want you to add your stories to the website cos we'd love to learn about your life too.

Before you enter UsMob, please make sure you have the latest FLASH plugin, this can download from here.

For the best experience, we strongly recommend that you don't run any other applications when using UsMob as these other applications will make UsMob run slower.

If you've got any other questions about what Us Mob is, you should email us, community@usmob.com.au.

See you!

Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita

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