30 May, 2006

print exhibition - wagga wagga

NEW: This exhibition is now published on the NEW Print Australia website.


Letter to Print Australia Members: Forwarded

Hi Everyone

As you know, the Print Australia print archives were donated to the Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery in late 2003. In January & February of this year the gallery held an exhibition entitled "Recent Aquisitions" which included a selection of prints from the archive.

"On display during the summer is a selection from the eleven sets of prints in the Australian Print Exchange, linked by styles and subject themes such as poetry and letters from home."

The curator of the exhibition, Brendan Dahl, has also published an article in the journal of the Print Council of Australia, Imprint. Vol 41, number 1. " International Print Exchange Boosts Regional Collection." The article describes the Australian Print Collection which is held by Wagga, its past history and mentions some of the artists contained in the collection. It also renames Print Australia's print archive to "The Australian Print Exchange".

He says

"Severn saw the exchange project as a way of encouraging dialogue between artists across Australia and the world ..."

" Severn's print exchange venture between Australia and international printmakers has seen her gather a very strong collection of technically and aesthetically outstanding prints by well known and emerging printmakers, covering all traditional relief and intaglio processes including intaglio, woodcuts, etchings and lithography and even digital prints."

"very strong collection"

"technically and aesthetically outstanding prints"

Congratulations everyone and a special congratulation to Ray Carter for the publication of his print.

J Severn

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