30 May, 2006

Print Australia catalogued

Title: Print Australia

URL: http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/

Description: Created by J Severn, this site is "an online community for printmakers, book artists and papermakers", particularly those involved in contemporary print practices. The site includes a research library, a mailing list/forum and a weblog of activities. The resource library, or catalogue, provides a listing of web sites relating to printmaking, hand papermaking & artists' books in Australia. It has categories for printmaking, other media, Australia/New Zealand, theory and the arts. Other sections of the site include the 'impressions' weblog, the mailing list and online forum. There are details of print exchange projects, plus information about the Print Australia Archive, deposited as part of the Australian Print Collection at the Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery. Josephine Severn's Studio Dalwood home page is also accessible from the site and includes images of her own work.

Author: J Severn


People: Severn, J : Artist, printmaker

Organisations: Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery

Places: Australia; New Zealand

AAT*: artists' books; Australian; papermaking; printmaking

Subject Headings: Book arts; printmaking

Language(s) available on Website: English

Record Id: 1215

Country of Origin: Australia

Resource Type: Resource guide; Mailing list

Dewey Number: 769.92

Source: The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, ADAM Project

Date catalogued: 2003-10-17

Date catalogue record last modified: 2006-03-22

*Keywords from the Art and Architecture Thesaurus

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