17 April, 2006

swoon on blakkbyrd


In making these, Swoon cuts several layers of paper at once, creating what I would call a very limited 'print run.

You call this paper cutting, carving?

"Because it’s with a knife, cutting out, the physical process is like carving."

"This and this. (The woodcut prints and the paper cutouts) Start out looking really similar. I start out with a big messy charcoal drawing. And then with the prints I stay a lot closer to the original drawing. And with the cutouts I pare it down. Instead of keeping the line of the mouth I would just cut out a little bit of it. So it’s like the same drawing but rendered really differently." "It’s almost like the rules of the medium are what dictates with this. With the cutouts I try to simplify it because it has to stay within the paper, with the prints I keep it scribbly, because I can. Because the cutouts have to stay in one piece, you have all these different physical visual rules that you have to obey. Whereas with prints you can kind of do whatever you want. Sometime limitations are good." from gammablog

see swoon feature on blakkbyrd

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