19 April, 2006


In 1932, Gyula Halasz adopted the pseudonym, Brassai, which means literally 'of Brasso' (his native town)With his new Voigtlander Camera Brassai decides to capture the world, from this point on Brassai completely devoted himself to photography.

Brassai enjoyed photographing the Parisian streets mostly at night, when he could capture the lives of prostitutes, gays, lesbians and those who gathered in pubs and brothels.

Brassai's alternative form of art would later lead him to take interest in graffiti on the walls of Paris.

May famous artists such as, Pablo Picasso, Henri Miller and Georges Braque, collected Brassai's Graffiti.

Further down the road, the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, asks Brassai to be a regular contributor to the publication, with absolute freedom to chose his own subjects. Brassai's association with Harper's Bazaar lasted some twenty-five years, right into the sixties.

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