28 April, 2006

blek le rat

Homelessin France, by Blek le Rat. 6/2005

the stencil manifesto

"While studying Engraving and Archictecture at the « Ecole des Beaux Arts » in Paris I got acquaint with the subject. So, in the seventies I learned the art of etching and the techniques of lithography and seriography, while the study of architecture waked my conscience measurable public space. " ...

"In October 1981 in Paris, rue des Thermopyles, we painted for the first time on an old dilapidated house where we wanted to reproduce an American piece. But what a Fiasko! So I suggested making stencils, an old technique, ancestor of seriography and later used by Italien fascists for their propaganda. I remembered having seen a little effigy of the Duce (Mussolini) with a helm, a relic of the Second World War, in Padova (Italy), when I was there with my parents in the early sixties Well, once the technique and the material were found, again we just had to act."

intro movie

blek's work

of blek at work

first website http://bleklerat.free.fr/
second website http://blekmyvibe.free.fr/

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