09 April, 2006

flower fields of Keukenhof

When we caught the train to Leiden today, part of the agenda was to check out the Lisse flower fields on the way. Its not quite ready yet.

more photos

news: The recent spell of cold weather meant that there wasn't much colour at Keukenhof when it opened last week. Spring seemed a long way off. But a few rays of sunshine, a rise in tem-perature and hey presto the Keukenhof is transformed. The park has burst into bloom and because spring came later than usual, it presents a completely different picture from previ-ous years. Visitors can feast their eyes on Iris Reticulata, winter aconites, snowdrops and early crocuses, all bulbous plants which are flowering prolifically, something that is unique for this time of year. It just goes to show: there's a bright side to everything.
Keukenhof 03061391

For more information: www.hortus-bulborum.nl or www.bulbsonline.org

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