07 May, 2011

Woodcuts - Statens Museum for Kunst

Woodcuts from Durer to Tal R

16 April - 4 September 2011. The Royal Collection of Graphic Art

How can seemingly chaotic cuts, carvings, and incisions in a piece of wood be transformed into a meaningful image? That is the subject of this exhibition. By examining how woodcuts are made, we look behind the motifs shown in the pictures. The exhibition shows selected highlights from the history of woodcut and focuses on those times when woodcut played a central part on the art scene, i.e. the 16th century and the late 19th century. Many contemporary artists also use the woodcut technique today. Tal R is one of them.

What are woodcuts?
View and zoom in on the works
Family Guide
Video: b/w woodcut with Tal R
Video: colour woodcut with Tal R
Five questions for the curator

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