07 May, 2011

Palle Nielsen

Its difficult to find any information on Palle Nielsen in English. He's one of the Danish artists whose work I first encounteed in Copenhagen in 2004.

At Clausens in Copenhagen. (I've visited this gallery)


Parklandet - 2010
Menneskebilleder - 2008
Drengebilleder - 2005


Works by the artist in Danish museums



Palle Nielsen, born in Denmark in 1920, is considered one of the masters of graphic arts of his era. He was educated as art designer in the School of Art and Design of Copenhagen and he worked as one until 1943. He worked as a professor in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1967 to 1973. At the same time, he received a number of awards and honours, such as the lifelong grant of The Danish Arts Foundation.

The Museum of Cycladic Art in collaboration with the Danish Institute at Athens and the Vejle Kunstmuseum, present from September 22nd to October 25th 2009 an exhibition with selected works of the Danish graphic artist, Palle Nielsen (1920-2000). The exhibition will house well known works by the master Danish artist of the 20th century, executed in various techniques, as drawing, watercolour, wood engraving and linocut.

Palle Nielsen was mostly inspired by the classical architecture, especially of ancient Greece and Rome. Raised in the difficult years between the two World Wars, he kept deep inside his hate and aversion against violence and injustice, which is evident in his work. It is often remarked that Palle Nielsen executed his works in a way that interprets the Cold War atmosphere of the ’50s.

The exhibition is build around the breakthrough linocut series “Orpheus and Eurydice” (Part One), of 53 sheets, executed between 1955 and 1959. Palle Nelsen uses the classical Orpheus’ myth only as the narrative vehicle to incorporate in the series his view of the modern world along with the fears and deep concerns of his fellow man. His work presents various psychological conditions, creating a world of mixed emotions executed by the excellent technique and perfectionism of Palle Nielsen that appeal both to the intellectual and the emotional side of the viewer.


(I've visited this gallery too)



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