14 May, 2011

Lust & Vice - Stockholm

24 March 2011–14 August 2011

The exhibition Lust & Vice shows examples of how sexuality, virtue and sin have been depicted in art since the 16th century – from an age when the Church preached that sexual contact was only permitted within wedlock to today’s questioning of who erotic art is created for. A total of 200 works are on show from the museum’s own collections, a mix of paintings, drawings, sculptures and applied art. You can also see a genuine chastity belt!

Naked bottoms

The exhibition includes paintings of women showing their naked bottoms. The erotic allusion in such pictures was long considered sinful, since the act of lovemaking (between husband and wife of course!) required eye contact. Intercourse from behind was something that only animals did. You’ll also be able to see a series of coarse, scurrilous sexual drawings from correspondence between artists Johan Tobias Sergel and Carl August Ehrensvärd. The drawings were extremely private and until now have hardly ever been shown to the public.

Nationalmuseum: Södra Blasieholmshamnen
Nationalmuseum is on Blasieholmen, just past the Grand Hôtel, before the bridge to Skeppsholmen.

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