30 December, 2009

Blek Le Rat in Melbourne

Blek le Rat needs no introduction. He's finally showing in Australia.

see exhibition at Metro in Melbourne
Metro Gallery presents a retrospective of Blek le Rat from December 9-24.

Article in the Age

"Blek, born Xavier Prou, is in Melbourne to open a retrospective of his work at Armadale's Metro Gallery. Yesterday, in recognition of Melbourne's vibrant street art culture, he left his mark in Hosier Lane with a stencil of his Man Who Walks Through Walls. A collaborative mural, it also drew on the talents of local artists Ha Ha, Vexta, Drew Funk and Reko Rennie."

Feature article on Bellebyrd (2006)

intro movie

blek's work

of blek at work

first website http://bleklerat.free.fr/
second website http://blekmyvibe.free.fr/

Blek on Blakkbyrd

Blek on Facebook

Blek Le Rat is a member of Print Australia

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