13 December, 2009

Blakkbyrd News

Festive Greetings

Its that time of year when you take stock of your achievements for the past twelve months and look ahead to the new year. Its just over twelve months since I packed up my Amsterdam studio and headed back down under via Asia. I was berating myself about how little art I had made this year until I started reviewing what I had actually done, living from a suitcase.

Four months in Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. The Taiwan and Singapore Biennales, Museums, exhibitions and meeting artists. Photoshoots, 'halls of fame' Taiwan, Hong Kong, Melbourne. Reviewing the Sydney and Melbourne art scenes. Conferences. Reviewing the Sydney real estate market, locating and purchasing new premises. Lawyers, conveyancing and removalists. Packing and shipping a full studio around the world.

I'm unpacking the old Sydney studio and its an interesting exercise. Its a snapshot in time, an art practice suspended for six years. So little of it relates to the new. Unpacking the Amsterdam studo with its new promises and new works.

Through it all the Aviary continues. 156 posts to Blakkbyrd, 200 posts to Bellebyrd, over 500,00 hits to both blogs. Over 300 posts to Lyrebyrd and significantly, Lyrebyrd will turn 10 in January. That's ten years of active participation, discussion exhibitions and art projects.

All very exciting. In terms of new art made, very little. In terms of building infrastructure and setting up a new practice, huge progress.

So now its time to take a festive rest and look ahead to what the new year holds.

Print Australia is undergoing a revival. New members, new impetus, new projects.

For my own art practice, new works and exhibitions forthcoming. Curators note, I brought back five year's worth of art works from Amsterdam, ready for exhibition in Australia.

Stay tuned.


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