04 April, 2009

Steal This Book

Vintage Vinyl Records in St. Louis is proud to offer Abbie Hoffman’s long out of print Yippie classic, Steal This Book, on its web site. Read it, download it, copy it, distribute it, burn it, whatever you want--at least you can now get it FOR FREE. Before Hoffman died, he gave a copy of his book to co-conspirator Dr. Bill Hartel and instructed him to do with it what he wanted; with the rise of the internet, the book has now found its logical home. In observance of the Democratic National Convention, and in memory of The Chicago Seven, Dr. Bill Hartel has decided that the time is now for Steal This Book’s authorized cyber-debut.

Steal This Book-Abbie's Magnum Opus
By Bill Hartel

"It's embarrassing you try to overthrow the government
and you wind up on the Best Seller's List."
-- Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman couldn't get a anyone to publish Steal This BookSteal This Book --thirty publishers turned it down. When the book was released, bookstores wouldn't carry it. Newspapers, TV and radio all refused to run advertisements. But despite these set backs, found its way on to the Best Seller list in 1971.



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