22 April, 2009

Jim Coverley

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JIM COVERLEY graduated in 2001 from the Royal Academy Schools of Arts in London with a PGDip Fine Art (Sculpture), Distinction. In 2003 he was awarded the Sharjah International Biennial Prize. He had his first solo show in Paris in January 2008 at Schirman & de Beaucé Gallery, and in 2007 was in group shows at the Ashwin Street Gallery, London, and at the Royal Academy (with Kiki Smith).

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University exhibition

Jim Coverley close to the skin
British artist Jim Coverley, not yet forty years old, produced troubling flowers. They ressemble orchides, full of scrolled petals, speckled with dark colors. If one looks closer, we notice it is simply old pieces of cloth, folded in a geometric manner and held by tie pins or thick nails. This original origami, that is also reminiscent of the symetric figures of the kaleidoscopes, is always made based on textiles that have been in contact with the skin – sheets, pillow cases, dresses. They have all been used or worn and this lived, sometimes stained, aspect makes these compositions so much more disquieting.

Jim Coverley is exhibited at the Shirman de Beaucé gallery (7 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris) until 30 May 2009.
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