19 May, 2008

Prints - Santa Croce, Florence

There was a printmaking exhibition at Santa Croce, unfortunately there was no information or catalogue, and there is nothing on the website.

You can however take a virtual tour of the church and its interior.

Virtual tour

Everything in the church is of the very highest quality: the frescoes executed through the contributions of Giotto, Maso di Banco, Taddeo Gaddi, Giovanni da Milano and Agnolo Gaddi; the monumental crosses and the polyptychs, the splendid fourteenth-century windows; the Renaissance architecture created by Michelozzo and Brunelleschi; the fifteenth-century sculptural works – tombs, altars and pulpits – by the greatest Florentine masters, including Donatello, Antonio and Bernardo Rossellino, Desiderio da Settignano and Benedetto da Maiano.



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