27 May, 2008

Dictionary of Australian Artists Online

Dictionary of Australian Artists Online - There is life after the exhibition catalogue

The Dictionary of Australian Artists Online (DAAO) is a new, free research tool dedicated to Australian art scholarship. Museums and galleries are in a prime position to benefit as the DAAO builds a detailed map of Australia?s cultural landscape and the lives of its artists. Australia?s leading universities and galleries are already submitting artist
biographies to the site.

The aim is to, in time, hold a comprehensive demography of all Australian artists. Your input will help us achieve this goal.

The DAAO currently has over 7,000 artist biographies, and publishes new research every week from its member base of over 400 historians, academics, arts professionals and artists.

What can it do for you?You can use the DAAO as a home for your information and as a tool to discover new knowledge.

Research: a ready research and reference tool.DAAO is a great way for gallery curators, archivists and guides to discover information on artists, their works and associates in minutes rather than months.

Publishing service:The DAAO offers an enduring and accessible home for your research. The DAAO is capable of addition, revision and commentary and links to online image collections.

National and international exposure: by submitting your local knowledge it will become part of a national information base on Australian artists: past and present; Indigenous and non-indigenous; across all media.

How long does it take?Submitting information to the DAAO is easy; authors submit their work in minutes.


An initiative of the University of NSW, supported by the Australian
Research Council

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