30 September, 2007

visual database of artists' books - V & A

Artists' Books database launched on the V & A website

The National Art Library (NAL) at the Victoria and Albert Museum has
recently launched a visual database of artists' books featuring a
selection of objects from the collection. The database currently features
over 100 objects from the collection of over 5000 artists' books held in
the NAL.

The works featured display a wide array of techniques and approaches to
artists' books and include examples of simple photocopied works,
letterpress printing, altered books, concrete poetry, works incorporating
found materials and book objects, among others. The database provides
several images of each of the books featured. A particularly innovative
feature is the inclusion of objects in 3-D, providing rotating views of
some of the more sculptural objects in the collection. The database will
be enhanced with further examples in the autumn to bring the total to over
150 objects. It is also hoped to expand the database with further examples

The visual database can be viewed at:

It is accompanied by a suite of pages which include a brief history of
artists' books, a series of interviews with some contemporary book
artists, links to other projects and websites and some suggested reading
at http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/prints_books/artists_books/index.html

The resource is intended for both new and established audiences. It will
introduce the collection to the uninitiated by providing a flavour of what
to expect while also allowing established audiences to enjoy a sample of
what the collection has to offer on-line. The artists' books collection is
popular with visiting students and other groups visits to view the
collection are also encouraged. All artists' books held in the NAL are
listed in the NAL catalogue available at http://catalogue.nal.vam.ac.uk

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