11 September, 2007

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is Melbourne’s leading contemporary art gallery presenting the most challenging, innovative and creative visual art of our time.

Designed by Melbourne based architects, Wood Marsh, ACCA’s distinctive steel building is in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct in Southbank. The landmark rust-red structure is one of Melbourne’s architectural icons.

ACCA brings the latest and most significant artwork by living artists from around the world to Melbourne audiences, and commissions new artworks by local and international artists.

ACCA is a Kunsthalle. It is the only major public art gallery in Australia focused on commissioning rather than collecting.

Hear from artists and curators about the exhibitions and the art at ACCA.

A full list of ArtinyourEar sound files is below:

A Constructed World: Increase Your Uncertainty
A Constructed World (Jacqueline Riva and Geoff Lowe) - 10 MB

Christian Capurro - 6.6 MB
Brendan Lee - 7 MB
Anastasia Klose - 5.6 MB
Nick Devlin - 7.2 MB
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro - 5.8 MB
Damiano Bartoli - 8.9 MB
Juliana Engberg in conversation with Brendan Lee, Nick Devlin and Damiano Bertoli - 8.91 MB

Mike Nelson:Lonely Planet
Mike Nelson talks about Lonely Planet - 9.8 MB

Gillian Wearing:Living Proof
Juliana Engberg talks about Gillian Wearing's work at the ACCA private viewing on 9 Oct 2006 - 5.9 MB

Daniel von Sturmer:The Field Equation
Daniel von Sturmer - 7.31 MB
Juliana Engberg talks about The Field Equation - 2.96 MB

Uncanny Nature
Anne Ooms - 5.9 MB
Richard Giblett - 7.7 MB
Neil Emmerson - 6.8 MB
Nick Mangan - 4.8 MB
Alex Pittendrigh - 6.8 MB
‘In Conversation’ with Rebecca Coates,
Hany Armanious and Alex Pittendrigh
- 15.1 MB

The Unquiet World
Lida Abdul - 6.01 MB
Peter Tyndall - 2.30 MB
Callum Morton - 6.10 MB
‘In Conversation’ with Juliana Engberg, Lida Abdul and Michael Leunig - 12.30 MB

Helen Johnson - 6.15 MB
Darren Sylvester - 5.85 MB
Natasha Johns-Messenger - 2.87 MB
Makeshift (Anna Crane, Ned Sevil, Pep Prodromou, Marley Dawson) - 5.27 MB
Laresa Kosloff - 8.2 MB
Giles Ryder - 5.85 MB
Shaun Wilson - 6.61 MB

+Plus Factors
Sonia Leber and David Chesworth
Tony Schwensen
Shaun Gladwell

Barbara Kruger
Juliana Engberg speaks about the work of Barbara Kruger - 4.3 MB

Martin Creed:The Lights Off
The Lights Off - 1.7 MB

Callum Morton:Babylonia
Babylonia - 3.7 MB

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