17 September, 2007

letter to the editor

"We have decided not to include
Blakkbyrd (http://blakkbyrd.blogspot.com/) and
Bellebyrd (http://printaustralia.blogspot.com/).

These websites do not fit with our current policy for the inclusion of websites. We feel that they do not meet the essential criteria of focus, on Australian culture and recreation, which is evident from their primary concerns, access to information and comprehensive nature of the information. Although information is provided about Australian culture and the arts, a significant proportion of the site is concerned with international events and activities, such as those in Amsterdam.

For this reason we are unable to list these websites"

If there appears to be confusion as to the website's contents the writer admits to this.

"we found the URLs a little confusing"


Kenneth Branagh puts it far more elequently than I.


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