30 September, 2007

Caravaggio, Hockney & Hughes

Here we have tried to show, in a new video, how Caravaggio must have been influenced by Giambattista Della Porta’s knowledge of concave mirrors and the images one can project from them, in his development of his chiaroscuro style, and his use of incisions on his canvases.



exhibition to be held in New York next October 2008.


First, a conversation with the Foreign Minister of Egypt

Then, a conversation with artist David Hockney about the use of optics in artwork chronicled in his book "Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters".

Hockney starts at 21mins and ends at 45mins


Here, Hockney talks about how the camera just doesn't cut it, with Robert Hughes, on The New Shock of the New.


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