18 March, 2007

The Impact 5 International Printmaking Conference

The Impact 5 International Printmaking Conference will take place in Tallinn on 17-20 October 2007, with field trip on 21 October.


Impact 5 Printmaking Conference will take place simultaneously with the 14th Tallinn Print Triennial (on the exhibition ground of Kumu). Originating in 1968, the Triennial today is an international event in the world of printmaking, with participants from all over the world. The delegates of Impact Conference will be invited to participate in the opening of the Print Triennial: www.triennial.ee

Impact 5 will be accompanied by the curator's show Slices of Time (at the Adamson-Eric Museum) and Exhibition of Estonian Graphics
(Rotermann Salt Storage), also exhibitions in several galleries, most of which are located in the Old town of Tallinn (Gallery G, Draakon Gallery, Hobusepea Gallery, Gallery Aatrium, Kiek in de Kök Tower, Niguliste Church Museum, Gallery 36, Photo Cellar Lee, Master's Courtyard, Kinomaja, Deco Gallery, Kastellaanimaja, Gallery of Russian Art, Hungarian Institute).

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