26 March, 2007

Experimenta Vanishing Point::Media Art Exhibition

IPSWICH Ipswich Art Gallery
OPEN 7 DAYS 10am - 5pm
d'Arcy Doyle Place, Nicholas Street, Ipswich, Queensland
Tel. 07 3810 7222

Saturday 31 March – Sunday 13 May 2007



>>Experimenta Vanishing Point::Media Art Exhibition

Ipswich Art Gallery presents Experimenta Vanishing Point, an extraordinary exhibition of media art and videos inspired by the twisted realities of Alice in Wonderland and Being John Malkovich. Showcasing the works of Australian and international digital media artists, filmmakers, scientists, video artists, animators, and sound artists working at the forefront of new media art the exhibition features miniature worlds and photographs that come to life. This is an exhibition of artworks you can touch and play with: art like you’ve never experienced before.

>>Experimenta Vanishing Point:: Video Jukebox screening program

Experimenta Vanishing Point::Video Jukebox offers an international selection of visual delights where absurdity lurks around every corner, taking you by surprise with an ironic, humorous and sometimes gently mocking representation of the world around us. This strong line-up of innovators includes artists from Australia, Korea, France and the USA, showcasing their unique talents across a collection of works that range from the playful to the inquisitive and the downright strange.

>>Launch and talks by artist Narinda Reeders and co-curator Emma McRae
Saturday 31 March, 2- 3.30pm

Following the launch of the exhibition, Narinda Reeders will talk about the interactive artwork The Shy Picture (co-created with David MacLeod) which has been seen and loved by audiences across Australia and in London. Co-curator Emma McRae of Experimenta will take visitors on a journey through a wonderland of interactive media art and find out about the twisted realities that inspired the artists to create such flights of the imagination.

Experimenta - where creativity and technology meet


EXPERIMENTA PLAYGROUND: international biennial of media art opens at the Arts Centre BlackBox on 24 August 2007.

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