22 March, 2007

the aviary

Redesigning the organisation : Print Australia rebuild


What's new for 2007


The new "Aviary" structure is

member announcements & exhibitions
member discussion & content
calls & opportunities
archived technical information
links and resources

Australian & Internati
onal Art Scene
feature artists and exhibitions
Art theory & criticism
Aboriginal art
Feminist Art
Print media
video interviews, lectures, live streaming conferences
Resources & tutorials

Amsterdam art scene
feature artists and exhibitions
Art theory & criticism
art scandal & copyright
new media art
film, video & machinima
Urban painting and Street art.
pods, blogs and vlogs


What changes

- adding
- more original content, arts writing
- exhibition reviews
- online curating

- reducing
- news service, ie calls and announcements
- print projects


Two years ago I started preparing for the demise of the mailinglist
and the transfer of the print australia art project into newer
technology. The internet is a rapidly changing environment and the
sucessful organisation needs to be adaptive to that. You could
compare the listserve to video cassette tapes, still used for old
times sake, but largely replaced.

The website Print Australia was phased out and replaced by the
Bellebyrd blog. The content was changed as outlined above,
significantly there was an expansive change of content beyond
printmaking. The Blakkbyrd site was added to cover material not
covered by Bellebyrd's program with particular emphasis on the avant
garde and the controversial. The two blogs have the objective of
providing a reservoir of theoretical art material with an emphasis on
providing the artist's own words in video interviews. Where possible
links are provided to online lectures, symposiums and conference

The lyrebyrd list has been remodelled to reflect a model mailing list
which I have developed based on seven years' research and
participation in mailing lists. Having joined {and left} hundreds of
lists over the years I observed that the most succesful and enduring
lists had common features which have been built into the lyrebyrd list.


Upcoming special projects :


- miniature print exchange


- online curating
- feminist art revival
- survey of contemorary printmaking


- survey urban painting
- Melbourne's Street Art scene
- art in second life


March 2007

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