20 March, 2007

Artist Book Exhibition - melbourne

How I entered there I cannot truly say: Collaborative works from the ANU Edition + Artist Book Studio

Bernadette Crockford, 'Concrete Poetry', 1996, letterpress - an artist book bound using concertina-style folding

16 March - 17 June 2007

Curated by Dianne Fogwell

This free exhibition showcases a selection of superb artist books and prints created at the Edition + Artist Book Studio at the Australian National University. The exhibition celebrates the art of the book, and the special relationship between image and written word. It will appeal to lovers of art, books and literature.

Between 1996 and 2005, the Edition + Artist Book Studio (E+ABS) brought together artists, writers, printmakers and bookbinders to explore the medium of print and the book in ways that challenged their conventional art practices.

This exhibition features around 90 of the printed works and artist books created under the direction of master printer, artist and lecturer Dianne Fogwell (also the exhibition curator).

It includes works by leading Australian artists, many of them new to the book or print medium, including Jason Benjamin, GW Bot, Fiona Foley, Euan Heng, Bruno Leti, Margaret Olley, Jorg Schmeisser, Udo Sellbach and Robin Wallace-Crabbe.

The works displayed range from folios of limited-edition prints to beautifully hand-printed and bound books in which images and text complement one another. The printing techniques used include etching, linocut, lithography and silkscreen. Some books are bound in traditional style, while others are folded concertina-style or into innovative forms, then boxed or wrapped and tied. Materials used include specialist and handmade papers, fine cloth and leather.

The groundbreaking E+ABS encouraged creative partnerships and collaboration between artists, writers and printers, allowing them the freedom to explore ideas and experiment with materials and techniques. The results are considered to be among the finest examples of the book arts in Australia.

The exhibition's title, 'How I entered there I cannot truly say', is from Dante’s Divine Comedy and is a tribute to the first book published by E+ABS, Udo Sellbach’s And Still I See It (1995), which used Dante’s text.

The exhibition will be complemented by a program of events including a symposium, tours, curator and artist talks, and a printmaking master class, as well as activities for school groups.

For more information about artist books and the E+ABS see the Edition + Artist Book Studio website.

(A Visions of Australia travelling exhibition in conjunction with the Australian National University)



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