25 May, 2006

Maningrida Art - Bahrain

Maningrida Arts & Culture has organised the first exhibition of Aboriginal Art in the Middle East, presenting bark paintings, hollow logs and sculptures by leading Maningrida artists.

The exhibition took place from the March 9 to the April 12 at the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art in Manama.

Artists represented in the exhibition are: Samson Bonson, John Bulunbulun, Melba Gunjarrwanga, James Iyuna, Fiona Jin-majinggal, Hamish Karrkarrhba, Crusoe Kurddal, Kay Lindjuwanga, John Mawurndjul, Ivan Namirrkki, Samuel Namunjdja, Irenie Ngalinba, Terry Ngamandara Wilson, Tommy Gondorra Steele, Anna Wurrkidj and Owen Yalandja.

Samuel Namunjdja and Apolline Kohen traveled to Bahrain to install the show, attend the opening and educate the public about Maningrida art. Samuel Namunjdja painted two works while in Bahrain and showed people how he paints and his techniques. The exhibition was a great success and Maningrida Arts & Culture will continue to exhibit overseas this year:

*In Paris in June at the ‘African Muse Gallery’
*In Singapore in November at the ‘red dot gallery’

Samuel Namunjdja's comments to a recent interview with 'Bahrain Confidential' magazine. 'There are many artists I admire but our art comes from the collected memories of family members, it grows from the life we share and our cherishing of each other. I don't buy or collect other's works. I live in the bush and create art as a way of looking after my country and showing respect to my people. Even though times have changed us, we remain the same and our traditions continue.'

Above: Part of the exhibition at La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art in Manama.

from Maningrida Art & Culture

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