17 May, 2006

homesick - Iceland

Initiated by the Center for Icelandic Art Homesick is a project composed of four exhibitions, taking place more or less on the fringes of the European Union.

Working with partners Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul; Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv and a venue in Switzerland (t.b.c.), the project will consider issues of cultural identity by exploring the notion of homesickness and homeland.

homesick - the blog

Founded in 1993, The Akureyri Art Museum is the youngest art museum in Iceland and the only one of its kind outside the capital city of Reykjavik.

HOMESICK II, December 2006 Turkey, Platform Garanti
HOMESICK III, Spring 2007 Israel, Center for Contemporary Art
HOMESICK IV, Summer 2007 Switzerland (venue to be decided)

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