11 March, 2006

North Atlantic House

Contemporary art in the North Atlantic House

Colonials is the opening exhibition in the North Atlantic House. It is open from the 27th. of November 2003 until 29th. of February 2004.
The exhibition provides insight into the North Atlantic art scene with art work by 21 artists from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Colonials gives you sculptures, paintings and installations.

“Colonials” is an exhibition that gives a broad sense of contemporary art in Greenland, The Faroe Islands and Iceland. The 21 artists who take part in the exhibition are representatives of both the middle- and the young generation of artists, and as such, provide the audience with an insight into what is ‘happening’ on the North Atlantic art scene – whether it be in the form of sculpture, painting, or installation.

The artistic and personal approaches vary extensively, and the artists employ a wide range of materials and techniques. At the same time, their work is representative of the prevailing styles and trends of their native countries.

The exhibition’s title – “Colonials” – refers to the history of the wharehouse in which it takes place. For 200 years, the adjacent square, #145;Greenland’s Trading Square’, and the wharehouse constituted a centre for trade between Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finmark, Iceland and, in particular, Greenland.

Through the centuries, provisions from the Danish colonies in the North Atlantic were imported and traded at this site, and for Greenlanders, Icelanders and Farovians living in Copenhagen, the square and the wharehouse were a symbol of Denmarks status as a colonial power

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