04 October, 2008

Turner Prize 2008


Four artists are nominated for the Turner Prize each year. This year they are:

Runa Islam
Mark Leckey
Goshka Macuga
Cathy Wilkes

Its not original work. There is a growing trend of digging up the work of an earlier artist and "re-presenting" (ie copying) it, that is of concern here.

"Macuga's Turner Prize room contains three sculptural installations that reinterpret the work of Mies van der Rohe's partner Lilly Reich, who pioneered new ways of designing exhibitions in the 1930s. The room also contains a series of “assemblages” - collages of works from the original archives of the artist couple Paul Nash and Eileen Agar."

"This, perhaps, is the feeling that Leckey seeks to capture in his contemporary take on the William Burroughs cut-up. ....I think that the thing with Leckey's room is it is presenting other people's work: it helps the viewer to understand the ideas that are behind contemporary art as it is now."


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