24 October, 2008

Printmaking Norway

In 1919, the Association of Norwegian Printmakers was established by the famous artist Edvard Munch, Erik Werenskiold and Harald Sohlberg. The intention was to make printmaking recognized as an independent art form and to improve the artists' condition. Since then, the association has worked continually to keep high standards professionally and ethically.

The Association of Norwegian Printmakers is a vital association which is open towards new techniques and expressions, yet at the same time it shows diversity within the more traditional techniques such as intaglio print, lithography, screen print and relief print to name a few.

Norwegian Printmakers Gallery, situated in the centre of Oslo, has at all time more than 4000 prints represented by 300 artists. Norwegian Printmakers Gallery is Norway's most important place to buy contemporary prints. Our selection is vast; here exists prints from the aesthetics of the 70s to current complex art expressions. In our gallery you will find new emerging artists who will dominate tomorrow's art scene, as well as the more established artists of today.


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