13 November, 2007

The Blogger Show - USA

In November, Digging Pitt (Pittsburgh PA) will begin a joint effort with Agni Gallery (New York, NY) and Panza Gallery (Millvale, PA) to present The Blogger Show.

The exhibits showcase the work of over thirty USA artists whose common interest is in clarifying artistic discourse through their blogs.

All of the exhibits will take place between November 3, 2007 and January 12, 2008.




All of the artists involved in the Blogger Show project will have a representative work at Agni Gallery. Links, provided below, are to the artists' blogs.

Tire Shop Anaba
Sharon Butler (Mystic, CT) – Two Coats of Paint Parker, CO) New Work and Inspiration paperWorks
Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void Oranje drawer Jacksonville Florida) JaxCal.org Christiane D Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog Detroitarts Cable Griffith Serendipity Canton, CT) Artblog Comments Works by Tracy Helgeson Pretty Lady Washington, D.C.) Thinking About Art Minneapolis, MN) stillifes Portland, OR) Eva Lake Steven LaRose Richmond VA)Annabelle’s Aspirin Joanne Mattera Art Blog Matthews The Younger Digging Pittsburgh Arts
Loren Munk (Brooklyn NY) - James Kalm Woolgathering find the time to rhyme Fallon and Rosof’s Artblog Wood Ridge NJ) NYC Art Fiji Island Mermaid Press




Marc Snyder said...

Hi bellebyrd,

I can't speak for the curator, John Morris of Digging Pitt, but I'm pretty certain that this show wasn't meant to be the definitive statement on the state of the blogosphere, but a demonstration of the fact that there are a growing number of artists who use blogs as a way to extend their studio practice, and an exploration of what that might mean when presenting their artwork. I'm fairly certain that financial constraints were in play when it came to including artists outside of the U.S.

While the internet makes the exhibition avaliable to the entire world, in terms of interacting with the artists and seeing at least pixellated versions of their work, the same old constraints and costs apply to the four "meatspace" exhibition spaces that exist in the "real world" as with any other show.

Maybe if the show were to happen again, it might be titled "A Blogger Show". . .

What would be magnificent would be "The Blogger Show" with a central web presence, and exhibition spaces on multiple continents, all coordinating exhibitions of artist-bloggers within their geographical region. Well beyond the scope of "The Blogger Show" in its present incarnation, but certainly a wonderful project for someone to take up. Something for the Blogger Biennial. . .

Chris Rywalt said...

I can't speak for John either, but I can say that the show was put together in something of chain -- who knows who and down the line. Not only are we all U.S. artists, we're all really physically close, especially in a worldwide sense. It's mostly an East Coast show, too.

I've already found a few more artists who I'd like to have seen included, who I'd have mentioned to John if I'd thought of them. If there are any more Blogger Shows, I'd like to see it expand, too.

bellebyrd said...

on the ninth of november I received a comment from someone who clearly had no real sense of what the site was about. I decided to stick my neck out and publically state for the first time that it was an art work rather than a conventional blog. I got a mixed reaction.

Coincidentally, a few days later I received an email about the javamuseum exhibition art + blog = blogart? which I posted on the 12th.

"The show a+b=ba? makes the attempt to present a variety of different aspects of how artists use a “blog” for artistic purposes, and it is up to the user to find out how to estimate it. "

I was very pleased to find that I was not alone in this approach. The exhibition has artists from around a dozen countries.

The following day I found the blogger show and compared them

Both exhibitions have similar descriptions - the primary difference being the nationalities. I found it interesting that the blogger show was not being described as a domestic exhibition, hence my comment.

It will also be interesting to see how quickly we are presented with a flurry of copycat shows.

It was a pleasure to have these shows to sustantiate my editorial.