23 July, 2007

selection of reviews

Here you will find information and a selection of reviews of the three major exhibitions taking place in summer 2007 and of the Art Basel art fair. Also included are a number of viewpoints and analyses of contemporary art.

The Venice Biennale

The homepage of the exhibition in Venice
» Biennale (English/Italian)

Review by Sarah Donaldson
» Observer (English)

Review by Adrian Searle
» Guardian (English)

Review by Vincent Noce
» Libération (French)

Review by Peter Richter
» Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (German)


Homepage of the exhibition in Kassel
» documenta 12 (German, English)

The Kassel Academy of Art's blog on Documenta
» documenta12blog (German)

Review by Adrian Searle
» Guardian (English)

Review by Richard Dorment
» Daily Telegraph (English)

Review by Emanuelle Lequeux
» Le monde (French)

Review by Guy Duplat
» La Libre Belgique (French)

Review by Claudia Spinelli
» Weltwoche (German)

Review by Holger Liebs
» Süddeutsche Zeitung (German)

Review by Thomas Wagner
» Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German)

Sculpture Projects

Homepage of the exhibition in Münster
» Skulptur Projekte (German/English)

Review by Markus Mittringer
» Der Standard (German)

Review by Nikola Kuhn
» Der Tagesspiegel (German)

Review by Philippe Mathonnet
» Le Temps (French)

The Art Basel art fair

Virtual Art Basel
» artnet (German)

Report by Rose-Maria Gropp
» Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German)

Report by Valérie Duponchelle
» Le Figaro (French)

Report by Judith Benhamou-Huet
» Les Echos (French)

Viewpoints on the influence of the art market

Daniel Binswanger on the power of the art market
» Das Magazin (Tagesanzeiger) (German)

Niklas Maak on the art frenzy
» Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (German)

Daniel Birnbaum writes that art's future is where the money is
» Texte zur Kunst (German/ English)

Hanno Rauterberg on the booming art market
» Die Zeit (German)

Charlotte Higgins on the booming art market as a problem for museums
» Guardian (English)

Viewpoints on contemporary art in general

Hanno Rauterberg on political art at the Venice Biennial and Documenta
» Die Zeit (German)
» signandsight.com (English)

Barbara Basting on contemporary art
» Tagesanzeiger (German)

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