13 July, 2007

Aftermath: Performance Installation - Artspace

12 - 28 July 2007
Aftermath: Performance Installation
In Between Space
Opening/performance 6pm Thursday 12 July
Curator: Blair French

Aftermath: Performance Installation
Guy Benfield, Anne Graham, Franz Ehmann, Tony Schwensen, Arahmaiani, André Stitt, Yiorgos Zafiriou, SENVOODOO (Aña Wojak + Fiona McGregor)

Curator: Blair French

Anne Graham will construct eight rooms corresponding to a normal dwelling: a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a studio, a library, a living room, an office and a gallery. Everyday routines that occur while occupying these spaces will become the formal framework for the work. The actions and the objects in the spaces are intended to be more than functional: the spaces will become ‘social sculptures’. Quite intimate and familiar activities that occur will appear strange due to their displacement. By evoking associations, the spaces, actions and objects will become, in effect, ‘transitional objects or phenomena’. These rooms, in the words of Gordon Matta Clark, are intended to take “a normal situation and retranslate it into overlapping and multiple readings of conditions past and present”

Aftermath provides a critical and public focus to the complex relationship of performance to installation art, sharing a genealogy, as they do, in early conceptual and post-object art. Aftermath centres on the installation 'aftermath' of performance, or conversely, performance as a strategy for creation of material environments - the bleeding back and forth of active models of performance and its post-life.

Each week one of six artists participating from Australia and abroad will undertake a performance work in one of the Artspace galleries resulting in an installation 'aftermath' and collectively creating a dynamic, rolling set of relationships between changing spaces. This program is completed by two discrete performance works by local artists. The project is also accompanied by a set of screenings of international performance documentation in the Artspace Reading Room and a Symposium held at CarriageWorks on Saturday 18 August.


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