23 July, 2007

Documenta 12 - reviewed

A Supermarket for Art or a School for Seeing?

Art critics take stock of the Venice Biennale, Documenta, Sculpture Projects and Art Basel. The newspapers either report on the rise of the major exhibitions or take them as an opportunity to reflect on the future of art. They analyse the growing impact of the market on art.

About the Exhibitions

Italy - Corriere della Sera | Wednesday, 6. June 2007

Manifold exhibitons around the Venice Biennale

The 52nd Venice Biennale, directed by Robert Storr, the first ever American to do so, opens this Sunday, June 10th. The writer and critic Sebastiano ... » more

France - Télérama | Wednesday, 30. May 2007

Sophie Calle artistic remedy for break-up blues

As the multi media artist Sophie Calle prepares to represent France at the Venice Biennale this summer, the journalists Erwan Desplanques and Virginie Félix have ... » more

Germany - Süddeutsche Zeitung | Tuesday, 17. July 2007

Cuisine and artful dishes at Ferran Adrià's restaurant

Ferran Adrià is the first cook to participate in an exhibition of contemporary art - Documenta in Kassel - as an artist. Every day a ... » more

Poland - Polityka | Wednesday, 4. July 2007

Artur Zmijewski's documenta exhibit as an instructive work on intolerance

"If prizes were awarded at the documenta exhibition, Zmijewski would be my favourite," writes Piotr Sarzynski about Polish artist Artur Zmijewski and his 15-minute video ... » more

Germany - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | Friday, 22. June 2007

Productive failure at the documenta 12

As if it wasn't bad enough that Kassel's street cleaners removed the work of Chilean artist Lotty Rosenfeld, the documenta 12 exhibition is also having ... » more

Germany - Frankfurter Rundschau | Friday, 15. June 2007

Documenta 12 - the succesful 'migration of form'

Elke Buhr went to a preview of the Documenta art exhibition, which opens on Saturday in the German city of Kassel: "The artistic director Roger ... » more

Germany - Die Welt | Thursday, 10. May 2007

Ferran Adrià on cuisine and art

Spanish super-chef Ferran Adrià, who runs the restaurant El Bulli on the Costa Brava, is taking part in this year's Documenta in Kassel. He tells ... » more

Germany - Süddeutsche Zeitung | Tuesday, 3. April 2007

1001 Chinese at the Documenta exhibition in Kassel

In an interview with Henrik Bork, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei explains why he is bringing 1001 Chinese to the Documenta exhibition in Kassel for his ... » more

Germany - Die Welt | Friday, 24. February 2006

Documenta 2007

"Never before has this been done so early", remarks Uta Baier after a press conference at which Roger M. Buergel, director of the 2007 international ... » more

Germany - die tageszeitung | Saturday, 16. June 2007

Münster becomes an open-air museum

Every ten years the "Sculpture Projects" exhibition takes place in Münster, where sculptures and installations change the face of the city. Henrike Thomson writes that ... » more

About Art Basel

Switzerland - Le Temps | Monday, 18. June 2007

'Art Basel' has pointed the way to artistic consensus

Laurent Wolf takes stock of the 38th 'Art Basel', art fair in Switzerland, that ended on June 17th. "Never before, in twenty years, has been ... » more

Switzerland - Neue Zürcher Zeitung | Wednesday, 13. June 2007

The Art Basel fair

Philipp Meier had a look at the Art Basel art fair and came to the following conclusion: "Discoveries are becoming increasingly rare; commerce is king ... » more

About the art market

France - Le Monde | Tuesday, 17. July 2007

Contemporary art, the last bastion of insider trading

Harry Bellet and Emmanuel de Roux note the arrival of speculators in the burgeoning contemporary art market. "Insider trading, which will land a trader in ... » more

United Kingdom - The Guardian | Thursday, 28. June 2007

Charlotte Higgens questions the cost of art

Following the record-breaking sale of a Damien Hirst sculpture last week, Charlotte Higgens, the Guardian's art correspondent, reflects on the increasing power of money in ... » more

United Kingdom - The Times | Friday, 26. January 2007

A virtual campaign for preserving British art in Britain

The art critic Ben Macintyre has invested £5 in a virtual brushstroke of a painting by Turner, 'The Blue Rigi', for sale online. Last year ... » more

Belgium - Le Soir | Thursday, 30. November 2006

Art taken hostatge by money

The self-taught Belgian painter Jacques Charlier denounces the harmful role of money on the art market in an interview conducted by Dominique Legrand. "We are ... » more

Spain - ABC | Friday, 10. November 2006

Speculation on the art market

"A speculative tendency has returned to the art market", notes the daily, listing several record bids in auctions over the past few weeks, including the ... » more

United Kingdom - The Guardian | Friday, 13. October 2006

Frieze, London's lucrative art fair

"Frieze represents the moment in London's calendar when commerce and art become most nakedly and shamelessly entwined", considers arts correspondent Charlotte Higgins regarding Britain's biggest ... » more

Belgium - La Libre Belgique | Wednesday, 21. June 2006

The art market marches to beat of global economy

A portrait by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt has sold for $135 million (107 million euros), the highest price ever paid for a painting at ... » more

Germany - Die Zeit | Thursday, 15. December 2005

International Art Market

The international art market has never been as frenetic and over-hyped as it is today, comments Hanno Rauterberg. The works of contemporary artists are currently ... » more

About art in general

Germany - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | Friday, 29. June 2007

Thomas Wagner on the future of the museum

The museum is the "ventricle" of contemporary art, writes Thomas Wagner, who has visited all three of this summer's major exhibitions: the Venice Biennale, the ... » more

Germany - Berliner Zeitung | Tuesday, 12. June 2007

Sebastian Preuss on art as a mass phenomenon

This year's "hot summer of art", with the Biennale arts festival, the Art Basel art show, the Documenta art exposition in Kassel and the sculpture ... » more

France - Le Monde | Friday, 8. June 2007

Every town wants its own contemporary art biennale

"112 contemporary art biennales now exist in the world. The multiplication is exponential, testifying to the rampant globalisation of contemporary art. In June, the action ... » more

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