01 June, 2007

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Brandis and Garrett launch Australian Arts: Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Senator George Brandis, Minister for Arts and Sport, and Peter Garrett MP, Shadow Minister for the Arts discussed their parties' arts policies as we move towards this year's federal election. The pair also engaged in a colourful debate of the Australian arts in response to questions posed by an informed panel consisting of Robyn Nevin, Artistic Director, Sydney Theatre Company; Miriam Cosic, Arts Editor, The Australian; and Peter McCallum, The University of Sydney.

Senator Brandis and Mr Garrett also launched the publication Australian Arts: Where the Bloody Hell Are You? Australian Arts in an International Context. The publication is edited by the University of Sydney's John Clark, Peter McCallum and Ian Maxwell with an introduction by Ian Maxwell and features contributions from Australian artists and arts administrators who spoke at the University of Sydney symposium of the same name in December 2006.

(Running time 68:47)

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Blogs have replaced home pages as the favoured online format, visiting Internet culture expert Geert Lovink told an audience at the University of Sydney.

"People don't have home pages anymore - if you want to go on the net and you want to do something … you establish a blog."

Lovink cautioned against equating blogs to the news industry and comparing bloggers to "citizen journalists".

"Remember the number one topic in blogging is cats" he said. "Blog culture is not by definition, and cannot be regarded as, anti-establishment… Mere empowerment does not automatically lead to worthy content."

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