10 June, 2007

Richard Goodwin

The central tenet of Richard Goodwin’s artistic practice is that public art and architecture inform, interrogate and constantly redefine each other.

Richard Goodwin Goodwin was recently awarded Australia’s richest sculpture prize, the 2004 Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award. This award has enabled the creation of, amongst other projects, an extraordinary website www.richard-goodwin.com which further details the artist’s cross-disciplinary expertise. To add to his list of recent achievements, Richard was also the recipient of the 2003 Sydney Water Sculpture Prize in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi NSW.

Sculptural installations, performance based pieces, photography and works on paper all imbued with a strong architectural ethos, Goodwin’s work has been collected by numerous public and private collectors, and can be seen around Australian and international cities as public art or as an integral part of the urban infrastructure.


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