25 June, 2007

DEDALO update

Hello Everyone,

you may be wondering what happened to me since the opening of DEDALO last May 26th.!

The opening was fabulous and I was surprised at the amount of people who came over to see the show and the demonstrations.



my guided tour

International Printmakers' Exhibition
26th May - 30th September 2007
Opening of the Show with guided tour

demonstration by Bonnie Christensen


demostrations by CURI

... as soon as I have a little bit of time, I will take more pictures of what the show looks
like in its entirety and each artist on the list will be linked directly to their own image or images.

I hope you enjoy the show


In the show works by:

Aimee Youmans, Akemi Ohira, Andy English, Anthea Bosenberg, April Vollmer, Arafat Al Naim, Barbara Mason,Barbara Patera, Bea Gold, Bette Wappner , Bobbie Mandel, Brent Haddock, Carole Baker, Carol Lyons, Carol Wagner, Charles Morgan, Cindy Wilson, Claude Aimee Villeneuve, Claudia Coonen, Colleen Corradi, Dan C Vammen, Daniel Dew, Darrel Madis, David Crown, Debrah Santini, Bea Gold, Dreiss Catherine, Eb Atwood, Eli Griggs, Emma Jane Hogbin, Francesca Curi, Frank Trueba, Gayle Wohlken, George Jarvis, Georgia Garsiside, Gerald Soworka, Gilda Zimmerling, Gillyn Gatto, Greg Carter, Heather Muise, Horacio Soares, Humberto Saenz, Ira Greenberg Jack Reisland, Jd Roehrig, James Mundie, Jan Telfer, Jared Thornton, Jason Lemacks, Jean Eger Womack, Jeanne Norman Chase, Jenny Papa, John Center, Josephine Severn, Judy Bourke, Julia Wakefield, Julianne Kershaw, Julie Sparks, Julio Rodriguez, Kat Pukas, Kate Courchaine, Kathleen Baker Pittman, Ken Malson, Kim Fink, Kim Medina, Kim Shields,Ld Lawrence,Lezle Williams,Liz Horton, Louise Cass, Maria Arango, Marian Anderson, Marilynn Smith, Mary Kuster, Melissa Gill, Melissa Read-Devine, Michiko Yoshida, Mikael Kihlman, Mike Lyon, USAMinna Sora, Monica Bright, Nancy Osadchuck, Nicci, Patsi Giclas,Peta Kaplan, Peter Mc. Lean, Philip Smith, Ray Hamilton, Raylene Johnson, Raymond Carter, Rich Campbell, Robert Swain, Robyn Sassen, Rockwell Kent, Ruth Leaf, Sarah Hauser, Sharri La Pierre., Sharen Linden , Shireen Holm, Shusaku Arakawa, Slav Varlakov, Stephanie SmithSusan Beyette, Sue Salsbury, Suzie Haddock, Sylvia Taylor, Tomomi Ono , Vitaly Kerdimun, Yasuyo Tanaka , Yvonne Dorricott, Wanda Robertson

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