13 June, 2011

National Gallery Cutbacks

Australian Printmaking exhibition cancelled.

The federal efficiency dividend (cost-cutting)

The NGA needs to save 1.5 per cent of the $31.5 million a year it receives from the federal government. (that's $472,500 ed)

While management of the Canberra art gallery has a careful policy of not commenting on how the 1.5 per cent dividend is affecting its operations, under questioning in Senate estimates, director Ron Radford said staff numbers would be reduced by almost 10 per cent, equivalent to 20 positions.

... the deputy secretary of the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Richard Eccles, said the gallery's financial woes were not entirely a result of the efficiency dividend.

"It would not be right to assume the full impact of the changes Dr Radford is outlining are attributed solely to the efficiency dividend," Mr Eccles said.

Indigenous Art

Dr Radford said the annual $1.2m running cost of the gallery's new indigenous art wing -- which opened last October -- was an expense it didn't have before.


Dr Radford said: "Travel and other areas have been severely cut for the next year; touring exhibitions have also been reduced but not as dramatically."

He named three of the five cancelled shows as the National Indigenous Art Triennial, postponed until next year, an Australian printmaking show and a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition, which "will not happen until much later".

Canberra's National Museum of Australia has also shed 20 staff, reduced the number of shows it will hold in future years and said the exhibitions it does hold will be staged for longer.


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