18 January, 2011

Arts NSW

Arts NSW is the NSW Government’s arts policy and funding body and is a division of Communities NSW. As part of Communities NSW, we share a commitment to building stronger communities through the arts.

* Promoting opportunities for people to connect with and enjoy a diverse artistic and cultural life

* Supporting artists and arts and cultural organisations through advice, funding and grant support

* Partnering within the Government and with local communities and businesses to promote the arts, culture and creative industries

* Working with NSW’s cultural institutions; the Art Gallery of NSW, the NSW State Library, the Australian Museum, the Sydney Opera House, the Powerhouse Museum, Screen NSW and the Historic Houses Trust.

* Managing a property portfolio that provides affordable accommodation to arts and cultural organisations of all shapes and sizes and working in partnerships to increase cultural infrastructure.

* Providing policy advice to Government on the arts and cultural sector and creative industries.

Every year the NSW Government invests over $300 million to support the arts in NSW, including $240 million for the seven state cultural institutions. This investment leverages some $2.2 billion each year in economic activity. Nearly one million people in NSW work in culture and leisure activities, helping to make NSW the premier arts state in Australia.

Every year in NSW over 80 per cent of adults attend cultural venues and events. And almost 70 per cent of children aged 5-14 attend cultural venues and events outside of school hours.


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