18 January, 2011

Art International Radio

AIR, Art International Radio and The Clocktower Gallery are a non-profit Internet radio station, art exhibition and performance space, free online cultural archive and media arts center.

Producing over 500 new radio shows annually, AIR features a diverse range of programming from audio art to interviews and from music to spoken word and radio theater. AIR's Clocktower Gallery is host to a number of exhibitions, installations, artist residencies and residency programs each year.

AIR’s audio archive also features historic recordings including audio from the collection of Charles Ruas as well as exhibition documentation and public programs from major institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the New York Public Library. With projects such as Living History and The Clocktower Oral History Project, the AIR Audio Archives continues its reputation as a unique cultural resource, educational tool, and historic anthology of audio recordings.

Our website, www.ARTonAIR.org, provides open and universal access to our programs and archives with information and links for every audio recording.

Through shared resources, conferences, discussions, outreach, and collaborative projects, AIR and The Clocktower Gallery are committed to engaging and supporting the arts community both in New York City and around the world.


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