05 January, 2010

Independent Collectors

We believe that collecting contemporary art is driven by one key factor: passion. Increasing that passion is our aim. To achieve this goal, we strive to share our passion with as many people as possible. Every collector is invited: to learn more about contemporary art, to question it, to inspire and be inspired. We’re not on a mission, but if we can excite others so much that they start collecting themselves, we’ll grow even more passionate.

We are convinced: The most important skill that contemporary art collectors rely on is instinct. But information and contacts are a great help. Independent Collectors is about making these accessible to everyone eager to share. We want to compile the perfect set of tools that we think all collectors should have at their disposal, whether they are new to collecting or experts: instinct, information and contacts.

For us, collecting is closer to hunting than to gathering, because that’s where the thrill is. And hunting is at its most thrilling outside traditional and protectionist structures. We are out to open up a new playing field full of fascinating opportunities and with a different set of rules. That’s why we created Independent Collectors.

Download Independent Collectors Manifesto (768KB)


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