01 November, 2009

Guerilla Art - ABC2

Its interesting to note that the ABC is now finally starting to cover the art that I have been reporting on for the last five years. Aunty is starting to catch up, or maybe they just read my blogs. Most of the artists in this documentary have already been featured on Blakkbyrd blog.

ABC2 link

A new generation of international street artists are the latest hot property for galleries, art collectors and big advertising brands.

Filmed in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, it introduces the graffiti-inspired street art pioneers Futura 2000, Ramm:ell:zee, Os Gemeos, Space Invader, Blek le Rat, Miss Van and Eine, some whose art is now celebrated among the trendy and wealthy of New York and London.

The movement started in the late ‘70s when hip hop and the spray can emerged from the lanes and backstreets and spread like a virus across the urban landscapes of the rest of the world. Art patron Agnes B and art curator Jerome Sans comment on the early days of Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat, when graffiti changed the streets of New York and then of other cities around the planet.

It reveals how these artists have developed a unique system of economic survival, from selling limited-edition prints to clothing designs for streetwear labels and creating record labels and logos for youth brands.

Guerilla Art will be repeated on ABC1 – Sunday, November 08 at 3:00pm

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german said...

QUALITY I really like this blog, now im not 1 for adding links in my replies but I feel this is a great exception, this reminds me of some similar stuff by graffiti artist “SER” at http://www.hire-a-graffiti-artist.co.uk his a great graffiti artist form London and has many different styles. There are a few more good graffiti artists on the site called Graffiti Kings that graffiti bedrooms, night clubs & everything else “wink wink” lol.